WatchGuard has launched a quarantine management server (QMS) to give additional protection against spam, phishing and malware-laden messages.

It claimed that its QMS directs unwanted email or exceptionally large messages to a local quarantine server for further processing. By providing a highly secure holding area for email, the WatchGuard QMS gives administrators flexible control and unmatched threat protection.

The QMS can store and manage spam messages for up to 180,000 users, as well as store quarantined messages for 30 days or more. This helps to ensure legitimate individual messages are never lost while keeping storage, processing and bandwidth requirements on email security gateways, internal mail systems and networks to a minimum.

Eric Aarrestad, vice president of marketing at WatchGuard Technologies, said: “Because email is a critical business operation, it also tends to be the first entry point for viruses, hackers and malware.

“Because of this, WatchGuard is now offering a quarantine management server to complement our award-winning XCS messaging and content security appliances.”