WatchGuard has announced that it will launch a next-generation firewall (NGFW) to provide enterprise-class security.

Set for launch next month, the WatchGuard XTM 2050 contains a 20Gbps firewall, application control, SSL remote user VPN, advanced VoIP and HTTPS security and an intrusion prevention system, according to WatchGuard.

Eric Aarrestad, VP of marketing at WatchGuard, said: “We specifically designed the XTM 2050 next-generation firewall to meet the ever changing needs and demanding requirements unique to enterprise environments.

“With this next-generation firewall, businesses can define, enforce and audit strong security and acceptable use policies, which results in increased employee productivity and optimised protection of critical network resources, applications and data.”

For customers with mission-critical requirements, WatchGuard is also introducing a 24/7, premium advanced hardware replacement program to replace WatchGuard XTM and XCS appliances onsite within four hours.