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Leaky Bluetooth smartphones & wearables can be tracked from 100m away

Researchers at Context Information Security have discovered that smartphones, tablets, iBeacons, fitness trackers and other wearable devices using embedded Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) could potentially be tracked from 100m away.

Chinese Army rations use of wearables over security fears

Country's leading military newspaper warns over 'risk' of tracking to reveal military secrets.

Same old security problems as UK firms await wearable tech invasion

A new report from Trend Micro reveals an IT appetite for wearable devices in the workplace - but an alarming lack of controls to guard against privacy and security threats.

Security issues considered on Apple's new phones, watch and payment system

In the wake of the iCloud breach, security issues were a key considerration at yesterdays Apple launch of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, announcement of the highly-anticipated smartwatch, dubbed the Apple Watch, and its Apple Pay system.

Wearable technology - don't let security be the trade-off for mobility and convenience

Wearable technology is already appearing in the workplace, so get your policies in place now says Sean Newman.

ICYMI: 'Shoddy' PayPal, Google Glass & hacking BYOD

The latest In Case You Missed Column focuses on PayPal's two-factor authentication, the launch of Google Glass and new banking attacks.

Google Glass launch raises questions on wearable security

Google Glass is now available in the UK for £1,000, but will the data-gathering wearable computing device face roadblocks because of privacy and security concerns?

Secure your smartphones, not your wearables

Its time for a reality check regarding security vulnerabilities on your wearables says Raimund Genes who suggests that they are not about to cause serious data losses any time soon.