Web App attacks up 69%, US main source of cyber attacks
Web App attacks up 69%, US main source of cyber attacks

Web application attacks have grown 69 percent compared to Q3 2016, up 30 percent on the previous quarter according to the Akamai Q3 State of the Internet Security Report.

The Mirai botnet and WireX malware attacks grabbed global headlines over the past year, with a further examination revealing the true scale of the attacks, with the Mirai malware strain responsible for the largest attack seen in Q3, at 109 Gbps.

Cyber-attacks originating in the US have increased 217 percent, including a 48 percent increase in the last quarter. The US also saw 300 million web application attacks, which is roughly five times the amount of the next biggest country's amount, which is Russia.

Quarter over quarter DDoS attacks rose eight percent in Q3. In Germany, they had the largest amount of attack traffic source IPs in Q3 - 58,746 which is 22 percent of the entire global total despite not being in the top five traffic source countries.

Also, one single gaming customer endured 612 DDoS attacks in the third quarter alone meaning that it averaged at nearly seven attacks a day.

The UK specifically is the fourth most targeted country for web application attacks and the tenth highest country where web application attacks are launched from. However, the UK is not in the top five in EMEA for launching web attacks.

SQL Injection attacks have risen 62 percent since the previous year and are up 19 percent since the last quarter alone. The reason for this is because SQL injection is ranked as the top vulnerability category in OWASP's Top 10 2017.