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ISIS takes fight online - hundreds of US school websites redirected

Pro-ISIS hackers hijacked the websites of roughly 800 US schools and educational districts on Monday, after compromising their web hosting provider, various news outlets have reported.

Content distributor Crunchyroll blames DNS hijack for malicious redirection

Asian entertainment website Crunchyroll.com is blaming a DNS hijack attack after site visitors in the early morning of 4 November were redirected to a malicious website designed to infect them with malware.

Hacktivists take Catalan independence fight online - DDoS/cyber-attacks

Hackers from the hacktivist group Anonymous targeted websites run by Spain's Ministry of Public Works and Transport in support of the Catalan independence movement.

Money for old rope? Ropemaker changes your emails AFTER delivery

Your emails can be changed after they have been delivered, corrupting your records and introducing malicious urls using the Ropemaker vulnerability.

Ransomware actors turn attention to holding websites hostage

Ransomware actors are looking for new targets. According to security vendor WordFence that target appears to be WordPress-powered websites.

White hats save greybeards from black hat attack

As yet another well-known consumer brand falls victim to 'old version syndrome' and serves up malware to its customers; we ask, why lessons aren't being learned?

Short URLs putting privacy and security at risk

Short URLs produced by bit.ly, goo.gl, and similar services are so short that they can be scanned by brute force, according security researchers.