Bloxx has introduced web content categorisation via a software development kit (SDK).

Incorporating its Tru-View Technology (TVT) real-time analysis and categorisation application for web content, it said that TVT SDK will enable its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners to develop real-time web content applications, allowing them to quickly enter new markets and differentiate their product offerings.

Bloxx CEO Eamonn Doyle explained that the kit will allow companies to do web classification in real-time, a problem being that 80 per cent of the web is uncategorised.

He said: “There's a misconception in the marketplace that URL filtering or off-appliance cloud-based categorisation is delivering the level of protection against inappropriate or productivity-draining web content that customers are demanding.

“Bloxx TVT provides highly accurate analysis and categorisation of a requested web page at the point of request and before it is displayed or blocked, providing an additional layer of protection for users and networks. The launch of TVT SDK now provides a quick and cost-effective way for web security vendors to add proven real-time filtering capability to their products and services.”