Symantec has introduced the Web Gateway 4.5 to its Protection Suite Enterprise Edition.

The web security appliance employs multiple layers of anti-malware technologies including Symantec's anti-virus engine to protect customers against some of the most prevalent threats. It also gives Enterprise Edition customers a real-time inspection engine that scans inbound and outbound traffic on-the-fly with zero latency.

Symantec claimed that it adds multi-layer defences for comprehensive protection against inappropriate or malicious sites, active content, application file downloads and ‘phone-home' traffic.

Francis deSouza, senior vice president, enterprise security group, Symantec, said: “The combination of Web Gateway with our endpoint security, messaging security and system recovery technologies in one suite gives administrators comprehensive protection with much greater manageability.

“Symantec Protection Suite also reduces the costs of securing a customer's environment so that they can focus on effectively managing those risks that are inherent to their IT infrastructure.”