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Strengths: Features on top of features

Weaknesses: Many features have similar names and can be confusing for the novice

Verdict: Offers many different levels of protection. Despite its hefty price, WebDefend is a worthy product

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WebDefend is an application firewall that is designed to be used to protect web traffic in a bi-directional way.

It protects the organisation in many ways and takes a different approach to SSL-based traffic than most other devices.

It passes an original copy of the encrypted packet to the end web server and stores a copy locally, which is then decrypted, and analysed for attacks - when an alert can be generated or the traffic be blocked.

WebDefend also protects users and servers by using 'Dynamic Profiling', which builds a profile of each application. This protection includes web requests, protocol usage, session management and input validation. It also protects against many common attacks and prevents some zero-day attacks.

WebDefend has more protection mechanisms, which are tied together to create a 'collaboration detection engine'. This element is made up of a behaviour analysis engine, which looks for abnormal usage patterns and signature analysis.

This uses intelligent analysis to block known and unknown web application attacks and includes an engine for checking the traffic against published RFCs. Other WebDefend features include session protection, which checks for parameter analysis, exit control and application defect detection.

Documentation for the WebDefend application is good. Critical information can be found in the accompanying printed material, on the installation and on the website.

Breach Security offers a variety of support options, including through phone, email and the website.

In addition to the one-year hardware warranty that comes with the product, the standard support package includes email/phone/fax support during local business hours, plus all product maintenance updates.

The premium support package in the US adds 24/7/365 email, phone and fax support; check with regional agency for local options. Both the standard support and premium support packages for WebDefend are available for an additional cost.

WebDefend is priced at £26,754, making it an expensive offering for enterprises.