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£20.80 per user for 25 users

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Strengths: Fully integrated web filter and web malware management tool

Weaknesses: Only looks at HTTP traffic

Verdict: A strong product with a lot of features, but lacking extensive protocol support and therefore falling short as a full anti-malware tool

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Marshal's WebMarshal is an all-inclusive web content filter and anti-malware product. It is deployed as a web proxy server and will filter all incoming and outgoing traffic. WebMarshal works with third-party virus engines such as McAfee, Norman, Panda, Sophos and Symantec, which we found a plus. CounterSpy or PestPatrol provide spyware protection.

From installation through set up and configuration, this tool is simple to use. Installation wizards guide the deployment and set-up options are easy to understand. Once WebMarshal is deployed and the third-party scanners are installed, integrating all the parts only requires a couple of mouse clicks. The management console itself is intuitive and easy to navigate and offers excellent flexibility and policy control.

We found this product to be a well-rounded malware-management tool for web traffic. It provides several options for keeping viruses and spyware from getting into the enterprise. Since it is deployed as a web proxy, it is able to catch problems before they enter the environment and cause damage. However, this tool only deals with HTTP traffic. As a result, it leaves other resources such as mail and FTP vulnerable.

Documentation is a lengthy PDF user guide, covering everything from installation to managing the product.

Marshal provides business hours essential and all hours premium support plans. While the level of support differs, users receive services such as phone and email technical support, access to customer forums, a knowledge base and product upgrades, patches and feature packs.

WebMarshal is of average value as a full malware-management tool because its primary focus is on web filtering. While it does provide anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-phishing, it focuses only on HTTP traffic. If that's all you need, this is a great product.

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