Webroot has announced significant enhancements to its email security software as a service (SaaS) provision.


It now offers better protection from email threats, supports the effective enforcement of usage policies and eases the management of critical email communications.


A recent survey by Webroot showed that 44 per cent of email security decision-makers said that the current economic downturn had resulted in a hiring freeze, 40 per cent were postponing software and hardware purchases, and 21 per cent were contemplating layoffs.


The enhancements include an enhanced user and group management that delivers greater manageability, by further automating the process for managing end user email accounts and settings. It also includes image and attachment scanning enhancements and flexibility for administrators who want to identify and limit disclaimers appended to email messages.


Peter Watkins, CEO of Webroot, said: “The recent downturn in the economy is clearly impacting organisations of all sizes, further taxing already strained IT resources. At the same time, they must continue to improve security to combat the changing threat landscape, enforce polices, reduce risk and keep their businesses functioning.


“Security delivered as a service is an effective means of reducing total cost of ownership and maximising limited resources. It allows organisations to focus on business critical functions rather than having to worry about the continuous management and expenses associated with traditional hardware or software solutions.”