Webroot has announced the launch of ‘Go Green', a global program which offers businesses free, earth-friendly recycling of legacy security hardware.


In partnership with Centillion, a global recycler, and its US-based subsidiary Guaranteed Recycling Xperts, a recycler of computers and electronics in the US, Webroot will properly dispose of any legacy security hardware replaced by the purchase of a Webroot Security Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.


According to estimates by Centillion, 1.9 million tons of electronic and electrical equipment are discarded every year.  There are over 65 million units of CRT products in circulation in UK at present with another 6 million units of CRT waste entering UK waste streams each year.


According to estimates by the US Environmental Protection Agency, 2.25 million tons of TVs, cell phones, and computer products have been discarded in the US. Only 18 percent (414,000 tons) was collected for recycling and the remaining 1.84 million tons was sent to landfills in the US and in third world countries.


The Webroot Go Green program is available to any customer who replaces a security appliance or an on-premise security solution with a Webroot Security SaaS solution. Webroot will send the customer a prepaid shipping label to transport the hardware to the closest Centillion facility in the UK.


Once the hardware has been properly recycled, the customer will receive a certificate of authentication suitable for framing and a Webroot Go Green logo which signifies they have contributed to a cleaner planet.


Peter Watkins, CEO of Webroot, said: “When we realised that the tremendous success of security SaaS solutions would be making hardware-based security obsolete, we took steps to provide a socially responsible alternative for recycling this influx of electronic waste.


“In conjunction with Centillion and GRX, leading global recyclers, this program is a natural fit with SaaS. The move to the software-as-a-service model will greatly reduce the need for on-premise hardware, which will help lower the amount of electronic waste and conserve energy.”