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Webroot SME Security 3.1





£19.20 for a ten-user licence, £15.88 per seat for 100 licences

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Strengths: High amount of protection, easy to use

Weaknesses: Cost

Verdict: A product in the Webroot tradition of strong protection. If you can live with the cost, this is a solid winner

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Webroot's SME Security 3.1 is a comprehensive malware-management tool. This product provides protection against a variety of problems such as viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits and adware. Webroot's anti-virus detection is powered by Sophos, while Spy Sweeper Enterprise looks afterspyware protection.

The product's proactive blocking via the Webroot Smart Shields, which offers protection at known spyware entry points, as well as shielding against common exploits. Therefore, the enterprise is protected against almost all malware, on a machine, both active and at rest.

This product is very easy to use. Wizards make installation of the console quick and simple. A pre-installation checklist is provided to ensure that all prerequisite programs, such as SQL Server Express, are available. Once installed, using the management console is straightforward.

Not only is this product easy to use, it also performs well in any environment. The server constantly updates itself and then pushes the updates straight to the client with no interaction necessary. An administrator can start a network-wide sweep by simply clicking a button on the console.

Finally, there are many highly customisable policies. These can be distributed to a single workstation or a group of workstations. This feature makes managing larger environments simple and efficient.

Documentation for this product is comprised of a quickstart guide and an administrator guide. The quickstart guide provides deployment-planning instructions and illustrates how to set up the servers, the management console and deploying the clients. The administration guide details managing the SME system and setting configurations and policies. All the documentation is clear, nicely organised and easy to read.

Webroot's PeakSupport Program provides support for SME Security 3.1. Support comprises of many levels, including services such as email and telephone support.

This product falls in the middle of the pack in terms of value for money. With a price tag of nearly £16 per seat, per year, for up to 100 seats, it's not cheap. However, SME Security provides a lot of very nice features, protection and flexibility for the money.

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