Websense has launched a web gateway for web 2.0 content control, content filtering and threat protection.


The Websense V10000 secure web gateway appliance allows organisations to use web 2.0 sites safely to meet business goals without having to worry about security, productivity and liability threats, such as malware, inappropriate content and data loss.


It has also embedded 1,800 advanced analytics and real-time content inspection and classification technologies from its ThreatSeeker Network.


John McCormack, senior vice president of product development at Websense, said: “Effective protection in today's web 2.0 world requires the ability to analyse web content in real-time to recognise threats and inappropriate content ‘on the fly,' even content never before classified.


“The Websense V10000 secure web gateway appliance leverages our unprecedented visibility into the threat environment to deliver more effective protection from inbound threats and outbound data loss.”