Whaling News, Articles and Updates

10 Ways to tell if that email is legitimate...or not

Phishing has become one of the most pervasive problems facing data security staff today. Generally speaking, a basic phishing attack is relatively easy to conduct and inexpensive for the attacker.

New whaling and phishing techniques include weaponising Google Docs

Phishing from G-suite users: a weaponised Google spreadsheet hosted on G-Suite opens a remote HTML page which mimics the Google sign-in process and gives the impression that the victim needs to re-authenticate.

The evolution of DarkHotel: From Wi-Fi to complex social engineering

Cyber-criminal group and malware variant DarkHotel has changed its tactics, and has been actively infecting political figures through spear phishing techniques, and via peer-to-peer networks explains Bogdan Botezatu.

Leoni AG suffers £34 million whaling attack

Leoni AG, Europe's biggest manufacturer of wires and electrical cables, has announced losses of £34 million ($44.6 million) following a whaling attack.

Email attacks targeting online networkers, says Intel's Samani

Raj Samani, CTO EMEA of Intel Security, has warned of the risks of employees networking online. As social networking sites contain a wealth of information on an organisation, they can be a treasure trove for criminals wanting to carry out email-based attacks.

InfoSec 2016: Mimecast says organisations unsure about cyber insurance

Mimecast warns organisations relying on cyber insurance: your policies may not be fully up-to-date in covering new social engineering email attacks.