A report this week from MessageLabs Intelligence found that Alton in Hampshire is the most spammed town in the UK.

This evaluation was made after it found that business users in the area were sent an average of 397 spam emails per user per day. The numbers were taken over a 31 day period and relate to the average amount of spam received per user per day.

The top ten is as follows:

1) Alton

2) Teddington

3) Havant

4) Cirencester

5) Brighton

6) Barking

7) Dundee

8) Swansea

9) Bromley

10) Marlow

MessageLabs Intelligence senior analyst, Symantec, Paul Wood comments: "Even in an economic downturn, one thing which continues to rise is spam. Eight of the UK's most spammed towns and cities are new to this year's top ten listing and all have a high percentage of small businesses, suggesting spammers are targeting those businesses who potentially are less likely to have spam filters in place."

There is a feeling that there is not much you can do about spam, you get it and you delete it and as long as you don't click through or take it seriously (in that you haven't won a new car/house or inherited millions of dollars/pounds) then really it is not a problem.

What is a problem is when you recieve ‘an average of 397 spam emails per user per day', as then you are talking about reduced bandwidth, spam clogging up your inbox and the potential danger of malware getting on to your machine.

My opinion is that the people of Alton have simply been unlucky, unless of course there is a real reason that Alton has been targetted. Anyone checked the latest Who's Who for famous or notable residents?