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Russian anti-terrorism law allows security firms to hack Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp

A recently passed Russian law has given that country's security firms the green light to crack encrypted communications services.

India orders WhatsApp to keep data from Facebook

The Delhi High Court has ordered WhatsApp not to share certain data with Facebook, as it plans to do with its groundbreaking and controversial policy changes.

Facebook can no longer share data of German users on WhatsApp

Facebook has been banned from collecting and storing the data of German users on its messaging app, WhatsApp.

WhatsApp to share customer data with Facebook

WhatsApp will now share the phone numbers of customers with its parent company, Facebook. The move has prompted concerned looks from those who once celebrated the company for its high standards of privacy.

Google says 'Allo, we're now encrypted too!'

Google's upcoming chat app is to feature opt-in encrypted chat options, which will use the same technology that forms the basis of Whatsapp and Signal.

Are we ignoring the collateral damage of encryption?

As the encryption debate rages on, and governments around the world press to get greater surveillance power, SC's Roi Perez asks if the industry is ignoring the collateral damage of the encryption debate.

WhatsApp chats aren't getting deleted completely

Researcher finds that WhatsApp leaves traces of all chats in the database of iOS devices, leaving the user vulnerable should the phone be forensically examined.

ICYMI: Coup messages, Pokemon threat, gaming breach, SAP HANA bug, ransomware fight

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at Whatsapp leaked; Pokemon a threat?; gaming breach; SAP HANA remote control; Fight against ransomware