I found a really intriguing interview, almost as interesting as you will find on the SC magazine website, when a hacked blogger interviewed the person who did the hacking.

Blogger ‘Boris' was hacked when his WordPress install turned out to be old and vulnerable. In that instance, the hacker replaced his private email address with a temporary hotmail address and used that to gain access and replace the index.php file.

Boris said: “At first I shrugged it off and was ready to forget about the whole thing but then I decided to email the hacker and ask for an interview. I was wondering why he picked my blog, what his goals were and why he used that Turkish text and flag.”

The full interview can be read here, but what is interesting is to read the interview and find that the hacker, who does not reveal his name, states that he ‘won't stop hacking because it's just like a game for me'.

Well worth a read in my opinion.