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NSA Whistleblower slams bulk collection in Snooper's Charter

William Binney, the former NSA technical director turned whistleblower gave evidence to the joint select committee on the Draft Investigatory powers bill with some unkind words for bulk collection and interception.

Current and former CIA directors blame Paris on Snowden and encryption

The current and former directors of the world's most famous intelligence agency lay the blame for terror attacks including Paris at the feet of Edward Snowden and encrypted messaging.

NSA slams Snowden but accepts need for high-level debate on privacy

The deputy director of the NSA has accepted the need for a "macro" level debate about privacy and security but rejects the characterisation of Edward Snowden as a whistleblower.

Snowden, Ellsberg ask hackers to help obscure whistleblower activity

Crowds of people came out to see Daniel Ellsberg chat with Edward Snowden at HOPE X conference.

Insiders can use whistleblowing tools to steal data without a trail

The tools exist to by-pass many data leakage programmes and facilitate mass exfiltration of data, so enable internal whistelblowing - to avoid external access says Edward Parsons.

Whistleblowers given shock ovation by European MEPs

Former UK and US intelligence agents turned whistleblowers were given an unprecedented ovation at a European Parliament inquiry this week.