To prove her dedication to the cause of her husband's company, Sara Morishige- Williams, wife of Twitter CEO Evan Williams, is reported to be tweeting from the maternity ward. In an unspecified hospital delivering the couple's first child, Sara is tweeting via her page at and claimed that she was timing her contractions via an Apple iPhone application which ‘was fun until the contractions got painful'.

Her most recent tweets (at the time of writing) claimed that she had been ‘admitted to hospital. Got the second-to-last room' and had asked for an epidural.

Her announcements have led to ‘Twitter CEO's Wife' becoming a trending topic on the site, with many of the links wishing her the best, spreading links to various sites and her page, and naturally spreading malicious links with one message stating ‘Twitter CEO's Wife Cialis $1.9 Viagra $1.1'.

Evan Williams, who replaced Jack Dorsey as Twitter's CEO in 2008, has overseen the growth of the micro-blogging and social networking site to its current status as a leading force in media, blogging and business.

The dedication to the cause has to be commended, and could this be the first baby to be born ‘on' Twitter? Probably not, but certainly the most high profile births and one of the first to cause trending topics. Expect the next celebrity birth of a high-profile tweeter to follow suit.