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Despite risks, a majority of firms are allowing the use of Wi-Fi hotspots

While experts have warned about the perils of connecting to unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspots in the past, new research has revealed that organisations are suffering more from security issues than in the past.

New WiFi standard set to improve wireless security

The WiFi Alliance has announced that a new version of the WPA protocol, WPA3, will be released later this year.

Kracking the code - why businesses don't yet need to panic about 'Krack attack'

Krack attackers need to be within range of the targeted Wi-Fi network, so widespread data loss is unlikely, but do add fixes when available as this vulnerability would allow anyone to read traffic from mobile and laptop to Wi-Fi devices.

ROCA vulnerability threatens RSA encrypted devices on heels of KRACK scar

ROCA proof of concept attacks threaten RSA encrypted devices as far back as 2012 - patches need updating now.

Wifi protocol falls victim to 'Krack' attack, most access points vulnerable

Every single implementation of Wi-Fi in existence is vulnerable to a new exploit unveiled by researchers.

Apple's iOS 11 release prevents backdoor exploit on Wi-Fi chips

Apple's release of iOS 11 patched an out-of-bounds write vulnerability in Wi-Fi chips that, if exploited, could have allowed attackers within range to execute arbitrary code on the firmware.

ICYMI: UK regs; AI weaponised?; Malwaretech; Mandiant; WiFi weak

In Case You Missed It: UK data protection; Is AI weaponised; Is Malwaretech; innocent?; Mandiant leak; WiFi vulnerabilities

Wi-Fi can imprint passwords and PINs onto radio signals

Researchers from a collection of universities in China and the US have apparently created a method of discovering passwords by looking for the interference that body movement makes in WiFi signals.

Researcher hacks city's WiFi service using buffer-overflow exploit

As a growing number of cities provide free WiFi networks become, a security researcher demonstrated his successful hack of his city's WiFi network.

BlackHat EU: researchers remind that IMSI catchers still a threat

Researchers Piers O'Hanlon and Ravishankar Borgaojkar from Oxford University expose two new IMSI-based catchers which allow for tracking and interception of data from most major smartphones.

49% of UK online users don't delete their old web accounts

Nearly half (49 percent) of the UK public don't delete accounts on the web that they no longer use.

IoT 'ding-donger' reveals WiFi passwords

The Ring WiFi doorbell, an IoT device, allows users to view whoever is on their doorstep via the internet from a mobile device when they are not home.

Hello Barbie vulnerable to dog attack

The new wi-fi connected Hello Barbie, can be essentially turned into a bug due to weaknesses in the products' central server.

Top three network risks for mobile workers and how to counter them

As more and more business is conducted remotely, users need to adopt solutions that will address security weaknesses inherent in Wi-Fi, says John Knopf.

UPDATE: Does Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense spell end of private wireless networks?

Between BYOD and Microsoft's Wi-Fi Sense, soon there won't be such a thing as a private Wi-Fi network anymore.

Researchers find vulnerability in Skoda vehicles

Researchers at Trend Micro discovered a security flaw in Skoda automobiles that could allow an attacker to spy on vehicle data.

Boeing drone crippled by Hacking Team legal eagles

Failure to see eye-to-eye over a non-disclosure agreement kept Boeing subsidiary Insitu and Hacking Team from creating a drone/spyware chimera.

Wi-Fi hackable planes 'not a massive threat'

A warning from a US government watchdog that hackers could potentially destroy an airplane via the on-board Wi-Fi has been questioned and criticised by information security professionals and pilots alike.

Google in no rush to patch Android Wi-Fi Direct flaw

Security researchers have discovered a denial-of-service (DoS) vulnerability in Wi-Fi Direct which affects various Android devices. But Google is in no rush to issue a patch.

Can you depend on Wi-Fi to enable the Internet of Things securely?

When it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), the presumption is that it just works, but the physical connection and the security behind it cannot be overlooked, says Phillip Keeley.

Darkhotel APT steals IP from travelling executives

A sophisticated cyber-espionage campaign uses Wi-Fi and a backdoor to trick travelling C-level execs into downloading "Darkhotel" spying software.

Londoners agree to give child away in return for free WiFi

Hundreds trapped and exposed by fake 'poisoned' WiFi hotspot.

Bash flaw threatens hundreds of millions of servers

Systems admins are being warned of a decades-old bug that means hundreds of millions of systems - ranging from Unix/Linux web servers to possibly Apple devices and WiFi routers - can be easily hijacked.

Turn off WPS on routers for WiFi security

A Swiss researcher is advocating turning off WPS to secure routers after finding a flaw that eliminates the randomness of codes generated by some routers when WPS is switched on...

Security researcher to demo airplane Wi-Fi hack

IOActive security researcher Ruben Santamarta claims to have figured out how to hack the satellite communication equipment on airplanes, by infiltrating on-board Wi-Fi and entertainment systems.

Light bulb illuminates WiFi weakness: IOT security needs to improve

Smart light bulb hacked to reveal WiFi password, research project highlights need for development of Internet of Things security.