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The four key mobile security threats to watch out for in 2018

Exploitation of kernel flaws, more mobile attacks, more rogue nation attacks, and increased use of WiFi 'evil twin' networks predicted for 2018 according to Gary Griffiths.

Skygofree one of the most advanced mobile implants ever says Kaspersky

Described by its discoverers Kaspersky Lab as one of the most advanced mobile implants ever, an implant has been found that has been active since 2014 and is designed for targeted cyber-surveillance.

Starbucks free Wi-Fi caught secretly mining cryptocurrency

A tech CEO noticed the free Wi-Fi at his local Starbucks didn't exactly come without a price after discovering the network was secretly jacking his computing power to mine crypto-currency.

Research: no matter its source, people will connect to any Wi-Fi

Symantec says as long as the connection is strong, free and fast, consumers will carry out pretty much any activity they normally would without thinking of the consequences.

C-Suite poses greatest risk to enterprise security outside the office

Executives around the world are trying to improve cyber-security, however these same executives present the greatest risk to enterprise security.

Hackers crack Tesla CAN Bus, DoT issues policy for securing connected car

Researchers claim they were able to crack into Tesla's CAN Bus to achieve remote control of the electric car and the DoT just issued a new policy concerning automated vehicles.

Pokemon GO CEO linked to Google 'Wi-Spy' privacy scandal

Even after quelling the initial privacy issues that arose from the launch of Pokemon Go, Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke has a spotted history

Business travellers putting organisations' cyber-security at risk

Private and corporate data are targets for hackers who are focussing their attention on rushed and stressed business people on the move.

Take your pick of Halloween cyber-security tricks and treats and horror stories

Raising awareness of cyber-security is a year-round task but what better time than Halloween to use spooks, ghosts and demons to drive home the point?

Hack Amazon's dash buttons for more than just ordering stuff

Amazon's dash buttons can be hacked for anything