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CA exec met with Assange in 2017, donated cryptocurrency to WikiLeaks

An executive at the now defunct Cambridge Analytica met with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange last year at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to talk about the US presidential election.

Ecuador cuts Assange's internet

Ecuador cut Julian Assange's internet connection after the nation said the WikiLeaks founder violated an agreement to not insinuate himself in other countries' business or try to exert influence.

WikiLeaks homepage defaced as it dumps more CIA hacking tools

The Central Intelligence Agency can take some small comfort that as WikiLeaks was preparing for its latest dump of the spy agency's Vault7 hacking tools, a group of hackers was busy defacing WikiLeaks' homepage.

FBI and CIA searching for "insider" following Wikileaks data dump

The CIA and FBI are said to have embarked on the search for the person who leaked their respective secret hacking tools to Wikileaks, which is being described as one of the "worst security breaches in CIA history".

Intel Security responds to EFI rootkit malware, updates detection tool

Intel Security has updated its Chipsec BIOS tool in response to the release last week of WikiLeaks' Vault7 collection of 'cutting-edge' CIA malware.

WikiLeaks promises to leak Vault 7 code archive to tech firms first

Tech firms will get "exclusive access" to Vault 7 tech details to allow them to patch vulnerabilities, says WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

'No big surprise' says security industry in response to CIA data breach

The CIA breach is being described as the biggest "since Snowden", and yet most in the security industry have expressed that the view that "spooks will be spooks".

Assange stokes up the surveillance debate but will he like the answer?

With the release of the "Vault 7" CIA files, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks hope to provoke a debate about cyber-espionage tools but what if they don't get the answer they are looking for?