Windows 10 users sue after installation damages comps and loses data

News by Max Metzger

Three unwilling Windows 10 users are attempting to sue Microsoft for losing them time and money after the installation of the new OS damaged their computers and destroyed much of their data.

Windows 10 users are suing Microsoft. The three individuals who filed the lawsuit claim that the upgrade to Windows 10, which was mandatory in some cases, caused data loss and harm to their personal computers.

The case was filed on 23 March in a Northern Illinois court. The official complaint calls the OS unfit for purpose, Microsoft negligent. The claims are seeking actual and punitive damages as well the costs of pursuing the case.

Stephanie Watson lost data which was related to her employment after having Windows 10 installed on her computer without her permission. She then racked up a series of costs attempting to ameliorate her situation, the complaint contends. Not only did Watson pay to to have her computer repaired which was not completely successful but had to purchase an entirely new computer.

Robert Saiger actually chose to install the new operating system. Not only did he lose data but a variety of programmes stopped working after the installation. Like Watson, Saiger apparently “lost time and money and incurred aggravation attempting to reconstruct and replace the data.”

Howard Goldberg gave in after six months of rejecting notifications asking if he wanted to upgrade to Windows 10. A series of failed download attempts left his computer damaged, much of his data lost and incurred him time and money in attempting to get the problems fixed.

While Windows 10 was hailed as massive improvement on the previous iteration of the Windows OS, it did not escape criticism. At the heart of this new lawsuit are the circumstances around which users' computers were upgraded and whether they were actually given a choice. Windows 10 upgrades were offered at no cost to the user, but it was also not clear what that entailed. Users were dogged by notifications, encouraging them to  upgrade and some claimed that though they had not consented to an upgrade, their computers had done so anyway.

The complaint maintains that “The Windows 10 system often install itself without any action being taken by the consumer”, and that “a great number of people have installed the Windows 10 system inadvertently or without full realisation of the extent of the download.”

The tech giant has previously been sued in similar claims. Microsoft was ordered to pay out US$10,000 in January 2016, after a user's computer had automatically upgraded to Windows 10, without her permission. The failure of the upgrade left her computer unstable and threatened the operation of her travel agency, for which she relied on the computer.

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