Windows 10 News, Articles and Updates

Windows 10 Cortana allows attackers to open malicious websites

A vulnerability in the Windows 10 voice assistant, Cortana, allows attackers to open malicious websites on a user's device even when a PC is locked.

Reported vulnerabilities in Microsoft products more than doubled since 2013

The total number of reported vulnerabilities in Microsoft's software products, including those in the new Windows 10 operating system, rose over two-fold in the last four years and critical vulnerabilities rose by 60 percent.

Severe security flaw found in Windows 10-bundled password manager

A Google researcher has uncovered a severe security flaw in a password management tool that has been widely bundled with Windows 10.

Windows 10 source code leaks online - centred on WiFi & storage devices

Microsoft confirms leak, raises security concerns that a range of new attacks created around USB storage devices and new man-in-the-middle techniques could arise

Microsoft to remove SMB1 protocol - used by Wannacry - from Windows 10

Microsoft is to remove SMB1 server software, which was used by the NSA and later exploited by the hackers behind the recent Wannacry outbreak.

Article 29 Working Party still not happy with Windows 10 privacy controls

The EU privacy watchdog has told Microsoft despite changes to the install screen, there is still no clear message of how Microsoft plans to process users' data.

67% of Windows users in the UK lean toward a swap to Mac

Some 67 percent of the UK public who use the Windows operating system on a regular basis would at least consider switching from Windows to Mac due to privacy concerns.

Windows 10 free upgrades end today, many upgrading 'due to security'

Today sees the end of free upgrades to Windows 10. Security requirements drove twice as many organisations in EMEA (28 percent) to upgrade to Windows 10 compared to North America (14 percent).

Windows 10 shares user data with Microsoft, even after disabling settings

Microsoft's Windows 10 allows for certain data-sharing settings to be disabled, but in some cases, turning them off does nothing to stop the sharing.

Half of Patch Tuesday bulletins cover Windows 10

Half of patch Tuesday fixes cover Windows 10

ICYMI: Windows 10 hack, Bank attacks and slow DDoS

This week's 'In Case You Missed It' column looks at the five most-read articles on SC this week, from hacking of Windows 10 and exploits on patched Macs to bank attacks and DDoS.

UPDATE: Does Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense spell end of private wireless networks?

Between BYOD and Microsoft's Wi-Fi Sense, soon there won't be such a thing as a private Wi-Fi network anymore.

Security concerns raised at Windows 10 roll-out

Windows 10 launched today, but there were immediately security questions raised within the industry about some aspects and features on the new operating system.