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WinMagic SecureDoc 4.5





£90 per seat

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Strengths: Lots of good integration options with other vendors and devices. Easy installation and configuration

Weaknesses: Small performance hit. On the pricey side

Verdict: Good product in terms of options, but could benefit from more competitive pricing

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WinMagic SecureDoc Enterprise is a client/server architecture that provides software-based full disk encryption to host client machines. It installs on Windows-based servers and requires Microsoft SQL Server for its database backend.

Client machines are installed on various versions of Windows, including Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista. Information can be integrated through many different LDAP-compliant directory services.

Installation of the product was accomplished without a hitch, and we had client and server components up and running with little effort. Performance on our Windows 2003 server and our test Windows XP clients was adequate, although the client component was just a little bit on the slow side. From an overall perspective, WinMagic has an impressive number of tokens that it supports for multi-factor authentication. This helps to ease administration and raises the bar in terms of integration for pre-boot authentication options within the enterprise.

Integration with Seagate's Momentus full disk encrypted hard drives is a welcome addition. Protecting peripheral devices (USB drives, SD cards and other media) is also present.

We appreciated the focus on logging and auditing. The user experience is fairly transparent, and control over enterprise options is extensive.

Documentation is very thorough and available in PDF files. If we could, we might break up some of the PDF files into separate documents instead of one overall and fairly large file entitled "Client Manual".

The WinMagic support site has a customer portal and ancillary information.

The product is priced at £90 per seat; volume licensing is also available. The standard support option of 10/5 phone, email and web-based support is available for £18 per seat; 24/7 support is also available. The price is a little on the high side, but overall we feel the value for the product is fair.

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