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WinMagic SecureDoc v4.6





£89.99 (Based on 100 licences)

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Strengths: Good enterprise features that will appeal to many administrators

Weaknesses: External fingerprint reader and its drivers seem to be a requirement and are a bit confusing to initially set up

Verdict: Overall a decent product that is set back a bit by the third party

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WinMagic SecureDoc v4.6 is a software-based solution that provides a centrally managed encryption platform. The product runs on Windows platforms and uses Microsoft SQL Server for its primary database. The product ships with a third party fingerprint reader based on the UPEK chipset and is packaged to include the biometric functionality.

The client runs on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Our test laptop has an integrated fingerprint reader, but it became clear that we had to use the external reader shipped with the product, and an additional software application separate from WinMagic. The use of two-factor authentication using the fingerprint reader software became a requirement, which surprised us.

We were unable to initialise some of the disk encryption alternatives unless we installed this option.

The order of finger enrolment, configuration and device default option during the PBA screen is a bit confusing if you're using a host with both an integrated fingerprint reader and the device shipped with the software. When we placed a call to WinMagic support, the representative was unable to answer, since both the reader and its accompanying software are developed by a third party.

Despite the problems with the fingerprint reader, overall the software has a good amount of features, including a centralised management console, integration with Active Directory, whole disk encryption, file and folder encryption, integrated screen saver, support for various two-factor devices and protection for removable media.

Documentation consisted of several extensive and thorough PDF files that were indexed and bookmarked. Unfortunately, several of the screenshots did not match what was on our screens. An additional knowledgebase and FAQ list is available via the WinMagic website.

Standard 10/5 support is included and 24/7 support is available for a fee. If the external fingerprint reader and its software were less of a requirement, the WinMagic solution would have stronger appeal for buyers who need a bit more flexibility with their enterprise options.

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