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DNS flaw allows hackers to change DNS settings in 800,000 Draytek routers

Network equipment vendor Draytek has said several of its wireless routers are vulnerable to exploits allowing hackers to remotely change the device's DNS and DHCP settings and potentially steal personal data to hijack web traffic.

Sierra Wireless patches router vulnerabilities

Sierra Wireless patched two vulnerabilities in several of its AirLink routers that if exploited could allow the execution of arbitrary code or gain full control of a system.

APIs in Samsung, Roku devices unsecure: Consumer Reports

Several Smart TVs from Samsung and others using the Roku TV platform, as well as media players from that company, are susceptible cyber-attacks, according to Consumer Reports, a claim denied vehemently by Roku.

Wireless data tracking case to decide if US citizens have privacy rights

'An individual has no reasonable expectation of privacy in information voluntarily disclosed' is the premise being taken to the US Supreme Court Wednesday, to clarify if law enforcement must obtain warrants to access wireless data

Flaws in defibrillator security set researchers' hearts aflutter

Wireless implanted medical devices with little or no security are shown to be vulnerable to hacking, enabling hackers to eavesdrop on confidential medical data or tamper with life-saving therapies.

MouseJack vulnerability affects over 80% of businesses worldwide

Microsoft patched various vulnerabilities in its products last week including the 'MouseJack' flaw, however it is still affecting most organisations.

Turn off WPS on routers for WiFi security

A Swiss researcher is advocating turning off WPS to secure routers after finding a flaw that eliminates the randomness of codes generated by some routers when WPS is switched on...

London's poor wireless security exposed

Cycle-bound security expert reveals our insatiable need to stay connected

Cisco flaws put routers back in the dock

A major flaw in Cisco's routers has been revealed just days after research firm Team Cymru reported it had found over 300,000 other routers infected with malware.

Attack shows routers as the weakest link in enterprise security

Fears that routers are an 'Achilles heel' of enterprise security have been heightened as Team Cymru revealed this week that a cyber attack has hijacked more than 300,000 wireless internet routers worldwide.

Aggressive Wi-Fi attack malware developed - in a lab

New Wi-Fi malware has the potential to cause serious problems if it falls into the wrong hands, according to Professor John Walker, Nottingham-Trent University.

Sochi Olympics hacking claim 'fraudulent'

A dramatisation of a hack by security firm Trend Micro on America's NBC TV News has been slammed by other security experts as "100 percent fraudulent".

Thousands of smartphones infected with 'spy' malware

Tens of thousands of smartphone users have been hit by a new class of botnet that illicitly gathers information.

Wireless attack backdoor discovered in DSL modems

French researcher drives a London bus through wireless modem security. And you don't need to reset the modem's configuration to have a root shell. And some router are vulnerable from the internet, not only from the LAN.

Security guidance issued by GCHQ

CESG, the Information Security Arm of GCHQ, has released new security guidance for more than ten different end user devices to ensure they are configured and used in the most efficient way compatible with meeting security demands.