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Women in security: Changing perceptions

Its 100 years since women got the vote in the UK and more women are now speaking at Cyber-Sec conferences, alongside a renewed focus on recruitment and education. But momentum needs to increase. Kate O'Flaherty reports.

Women in cyber-security: conquering imposter syndrome

To encourage women to apply for cyber-security positions, think outside traditional "job title" boxes, state the problem you need solved. I felt like an imposter when I didn't have "all the answers." But only I second guessed my responses.

What business leaders should prioritise today to encourage women in tech

Business leaders need to step up and encourage the next generation of technical experts and leaders, because women represent an enormous (and, as yet, largely untapped) source of talent.

How women can play a bigger part in cyber-security - to everyone's benefit

Book Review: In Security. Jane Frankland shares her experience of being female in what is still a male-dominated sector, while advising other women and the businesses that employ them how to harness their talent and skills.

The curious case of the missing women in cyber

Rather than promote positive discrimination, we need to promote cyber-security as a gender neutral discipline and advocate for 'positive action' says Naina Bhattacharya, creating positive messaging for diversity and inclusion.

Women of influence in UK cyber security 2017: 20 women to watch

SC Media UK has come up with our list of 20 SC Women of Influence in UK Cyber-Security 2017, selecting from an abundance of talent to promote female cyber-security role models

ICYMI: Estonia 1st; US$1m ransom; GCSE fall; GDPR concern; Lack of women

In Case You Missed It: Global cybersec ranking; US$1m ransom paid in S Korea; GCSE computing entrants fall; UK GDPR laggard, Women shortfall

Women represent just 7% of European cyber-security workforce

Proportion of female cyber-security workers in Europe among lowest in the world; while gender pay gap is the highest as female cyber-professionals earn approximately 15 percent less than men.

International Women's Day: tech field lacking female role models

Workplace gender bias and a shortage of female role models are among the main barriers faced by women working in technology today. A variety of recently released data show that gender disparity still exists within technology, the fastest growing sector within the UK.

ISACA programme aims to attract more women into technology professions

For some time women have been underrepresented in technology, but a new programme seeks to change that by connecting women in technology.

ICYMI: The Labour party, Women in the industry, Leoni AG, DNS Tunneling and the GDPR

This Week: Labour leadership oversights, cyber-sec and gender, Leoni AG whaled, a staggering amount of DNS tunnels and only a little more than 600 days until the GDPR settles in

Only 10% of the global cyber-security workforce are women

The cyber-security industry suffers from a lack of gender diversity with an estimated 10 percent of the global information security workforce being women.

Video: Percentage of women in security is still decreasing

Jane Frankland talks about her upcoming book on women in the security industry and also invites readers to take part in her survey of men and women about gender equality.

Bringing something new to the table

The figures are still abysmal. So Kate O'Flaherty asks what can the information security industry do to encourage more women to join the sector?

Women hold steady at 10 percent of info security workforce, study says

Women didn't increase their numbers in security over the past two years, according to a report released by (ISC)², which found that women in the security workforce held steady at 10 percent.

Debate: IT Security's male image and lack of female role models are the main reasons for the scarcity of women in the industry

Phyllis Kolmus and Ryan Corey discuss the lack of female role models and its affects in the IT security industry.