Women more susceptible to phishing than men

News by Danielle Correa

Studies have proven that women are more vulnerable to phishing scams than men.

A study conducted at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University examined 100 student participants. The results showed that 17 percent of the participants fell for a phishing scheme. Considering gender, 14 percent of the males were phished while 53 percent of the women took the bait.

Researchers point out that women do tend to be more comfortable with digital communication and online shopping, however personality traits were taken into consideration as well. The female result showed a strong equivalence between neuroticism and susceptibility to phishing.

London resident Vivian Gabb told media that prior to purchasing a house, scammers sent her a phishing email and she was deceived into giving away her life savings. Gabb was not aware of the fact that her email had already been hacked, allowing scammers to monitor every single email that she sent and received. She also received an email that appeared to be sent by her solicitor as a follow up. Gabb was asked to pay £50,000 as down payment into a different back account than one that she had previously agreed upon.

She reported that the hacker knew her by her true identity and that she was buying a house as well as the exact amount to be paid. A scammer learned about Gabb's financial dealings by hacking into her email account and of course the new bank account she was asked to pay into was the scammer's personal account.

According to Get Safe Online, more than half of UK citizens have been victims of online crimes. Out of these, at least 15 percent have experienced email account hacks.


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