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Reset 2018: All-female expert lineup for cybersec conference breaks mould

Reset 2018, held in central London yesterday, is a cyber-security conference with a difference, comprising insights from 15 female experts in cyber-security explaining the evolving cyber-threat landscape.

What business leaders should prioritise today to encourage women in tech

Business leaders need to step up and encourage the next generation of technical experts and leaders, because women represent an enormous (and, as yet, largely untapped) source of talent.

Why the cyber-security skills shortage is a CEO's responsibility

CEOs must lead by inspiring, supporting and facilitating the education of children about cyber-security, develop internship and mentoring programmes, offer apprenticeships, facilitate diverse workforces, and empower employees.

How women can play a bigger part in cyber-security - to everyone's benefit

Book Review: In Security. Jane Frankland shares her experience of being female in what is still a male-dominated sector, while advising other women and the businesses that employ them how to harness their talent and skills.

Diversity charity a memorial to Cyber Security Challenge's Stephanie Daman

Nigel Harrison, acting CEO of the Cyber Security Challenge launched the Cyber Challenge Foundation charity in memory of former CEO Stephanie Daman to further her work encouraging diversity in the sector's workforce.

Women of influence in UK cyber security 2017: 20 women to watch

SC Media UK has come up with our list of 20 SC Women of Influence in UK Cyber-Security 2017, selecting from an abundance of talent to promote female cyber-security role models

The 11%; where are the women in cyber-security?

Nick Miller discusses women who work in cyber and their thoughts about being a woman within the industry.

Ada Lovelace Day 2016: international celebration of women in STEM

Today, 11 October 2016, marks an international day of celebration of women in STEM and the achievements of Lord Byron's daughter, Ada Lovelace, the world's first computer programmer.

Cyber-violence against women needs to be tackled says UNESCO report.

Cyber-violence against women is an increasing problem, and increasingly under-regarded, according a new report by the UN's Commission for Digital Development.

Women in security: Is the tide turning?

The lack of women in information security is a constant topic of conversation and debate but, as Doug Drinkwater reports, changes are afoot

Women in security earn up to 30% more than men, finds report

A new report has found that women in information security typically earn more than their male counterparts.

RSA: Women breaking the glass firewall

"10 percent (of information security staff being women) is appalling and we should be shocked at that," delegates were told at RSA, with suggestions made as to how the imbalance might be fixed.

B-Sides SF: 'Sexism can be security vulnerability'

Security researcher - and white hat hacker - Raven Alder addressed sexism in the InfoSec world at the B-Sides San Francisco event on Monday, and said - perhaps surprisingly - that it can help and hinder attackers and defenders in equal measure.

Security industry 'must hire more women'

The information security profession is 'reactionary' and not evolving fast enough - and must recruit more women to solve its crippling skills shortage according to an (ISC)2 report.