Blog page was knocked offline by an outage lasting approximately 110 minutes yesterday.

Matt Mullenweg, founder of the website, called it the ‘worst downtime in four years' but ruled out any cyber attack involvement. He confirmed that 10.2 million blogs were affected, and those blogs were deprived of around 5.5 million page views.

He said: “We are still gathering details, but it appears an unscheduled change to a core router by one of our data centre providers messed up our network in a way we haven't experienced before, and broke the site.

“It also broke all the mechanisms for failover between our locations in San Antonio and Chicago. All of your data was safe and secure, we just couldn't serve it.”

He said that WordPress needed to ‘dig deeper and find out exactly what happened, why, and how to recover more gracefully next time and isolate problems like this so they don't affect our other locations'.

“I know this sucked for you guys as much as it did for us — the entire team was on pins and needles trying to get your blogs back as soon as possible. I hope it will be much longer than four years before we face a problem like this again,” said Mullenweg.

MG Siegler of technology blog TechCrunch, that were among those taken down, said: “As you may have noticed, TechCrunch was down for an extended period of time this afternoon. In case you haven't read about why yet, it's because suffered through some 110 minutes of downtime.”

He noted Mullenweg's comments that the outage tripped up all the mechanisms to prevent a total failure, but that luckily no data was lost in the outage, it just simply could not be sent out.