World Availability Day: evolving to become the 'always on' enterprise
World Availability Day: evolving to become the 'always on' enterprise

Regular backups may be fine to protect personal data, but in today's connected environment, businesses are required to evolve to become the “always-on” enterprise, enabling availability at all times.

Any type of interruptions to online services can be frustrating, but in a business context, it can mean the difference between productivity and stagnation, which can destroy trust from customers and partners.

Today, 30 March, is deemed World Availability Day in recognition of helping organisations achieve availability for both virtual and physical infrastructures, as well as provide data protection solutions in the cloud, whether private or public.

Richard Agnew, VP NW EMEA at Veeam told SC Media UK: “From the SMB to the enterprise – driving backup awareness is imperative in a modern hyper-connected business environment. It's more than just backing up the system. In today's connected world, businesses need to ensure availability to avoid a breakdown in operations.

“Organisations have become more aware of the dreaded ‘availability gap' emerging – which includes data loss, extended recovery times, unreliable data protection, and a lack of knowledge of the IT environment leading to unplanned issues and downtime. Organisations have implemented innovative solutions and planning which needs to be complemented with processes that can ensure availability at all times. With AI, machine learning and the Internet of Things driving IT modernisation, it's imperative that data and functionality is protected at all times.”