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Windows XP turns sixteen - uniting legacy apps with modern security

Compatibility containers can free enterprises from running unsupported environments, allowing old applications to run in new systems by packaging them up and moving them without changing the way they work explains Mat Clothier.

20% of Manchester police computers at risk of ransomware - using XP

Some 20 percent of Greater Manchester Police's computers are at risk of a ransomware hack due to still running Windows XP, according to research from Top10VPN.com

ICYMI: McAfee security manager, cybersec salaries, Conficker worm, embedded XP; JD Wetherspoon breach

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at McAfee security manager failure; 2016 cybersec salaries up; Conficker in 20% of attacks; Embedded XP end-of-life; Wetherspoon breach took 15 mins.

Russian banks lose 3.5 billion Rubles to hackers

Russian banks increasingly concerned at the activities of cyber-criminals taking advantage of dated operating systems.

Embedded Windows XP systems targeted by new Chinese malware

Chinese firm uses unusual techniques to infected legacy computer systems.

XP still used by one in four PC users

Despite going end-of-life back in April, new figures reveal that Windows XP is still being used a quarter of PC users.

XP users urged to hack for security

Windows XP users are being offered a chance to hack their way into protecting themselves from hackers, by getting the security updates that they are officially barred from getting from Microsoft.

XP U-turn on zero-day attack

Microsoft's decision to provide additional patching could come back to "haunt" company, experts warn.

Windows XP support to cost £120 a year per machine

Microsoft has quietly slashed the cost of continuing to support Windows XP.

XP users buy security protection

Microsoft has officially ended security support for Windows XP but the government and many large organisations plan to pay to protect their XP users.

20 percent of all malware created was coded in 2013

Malware may have reached its 25th anniversary last November, but research just published claims that 20 per cent of all malware ever created was coded last year.

Patching: the unlocked door

With Windows XP fast approaching its end-of-support deadline, many firms are going to be at risk of attack, reports Kate O'Flaherty.

The final countdown for Windows XP

Microsoft develops migration utility to smooth upgrades; warning pop-ups to appear from this week; University of Illinois to block XP-driven PCs