Yahoo report discloses government data requests

News by Danielle Correa

Yahoo's transparency report has revealed the number of government requests for user data that have been received, number of accounts specified in the requests, and the number of requests that were adhered to by Yahoo in the first six months of 2015. 

The UK totalled 1,945 government data requests with 4,827 government-specified accounts.  During the reporting period, 34 percent of requests resulted in disclosure of data. The global total of requests amounted to 15,583 while the government-specified accounts totaled at 25,986. Fifty percent of global requests resulted in disclosure of data.

Yahoo says it carefully analyses each request to make sure that it follows the law and requests that do not abide by their strict standards are pushed back. Ron Bell of Yahoo's general counsel said, “We fight any requests that we deem unclear, improper, overbroad, or unlawful”.


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