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Judge rules US breach victims can sue Yahoo

A US federal judge in California Friday ruled Yahoo must face many of the claims brought against it in a lawsuit concerning the massive data breaches affecting three billion users that the company announced in 2016.

Former Yahoo chief executive Mayer testified before Congress, blamed Russia

Former Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer apologises for the two massive data breaches at Yahoo that occurred during her tenure and resulted in 3 billion credentials being stolen, blaming Russian agents for at least one of them.

US calls for GDPR-style legislation in wake of vast Yahoo breach

The vast Yahoo breach underscores importance of heeding risk factors, renews interest in GDPR-style legislation

Yahoo says all 3 billion accounts compromised in breach

A 2013 breach of Yahoo!'s network affected all three billion of the company's accounts, Verizon Communications, which acquired Yahoo post-breach for $4.48 billion (£3.38 billion), said Tuesday.

Verizon deal: Breaches discount Yahoo 350 million below original price

After nearly a year of negotiations and the disclosure of two of the largest breaches ever reported, Verizon and Yahoo have finally come to a deal with Yahoo being discounted by a hefty sum.

Will the GDPR Prevent the Next Headline-Grabbing Data Breach?

Gavin Millard says that while having a regulation such as the EU GDPR in place would have reduced the chance of a breach the size of Yahoo!, practicing good cyber hygiene and timely disclosure have the best effects when dealing with any major breach that compromises personal data.

Yahoo knew about hack back in 2014

A filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission has revealed that Yahoo knew about the hack which stole details of 500 million of its users back in 2014.

Yahoo wants to spy on users through smart advertising

Patent reveals firm wants to use billboards to collect people's information

In wake of massive breach, Verizon reassessing price for Yahoo acquisition

The CEO of Verizon said on Monday that the telecommunications giant is still on track to acquire Yahoo, despite a massive breach of Yahoo.

Yahoo, complying with US intelligence directive, searched emails

At the behest of a directive handed down by US intelligence officials, Yahoo built a custom software program in secret to dig through the emails of all of its customers.

ICYMI: 1Tb DDoS attack, Krebs dropped, Pippa Middleton, Yahoo!

In case you missed it this week, our most popular stories included the news of biggest ever DDoS attack, Krebs dropped over other massive DDoS and future queen's younger sister hacked.

Yahoo! data breach likely exceeds 500 million records

The security firm InfoArmor believes the Yahoo! data breach far exceeds the 500 million number, that the hack was accomplished by a cyber-gang, not a nation-state, and that overall about 3.5 billion user records have been stolen over the years.

Yahoo! and the mega breaches that keep on happening

James Henry looks at the Yahoo! Incident within the context of other mega breaches to look at the trends and where security is failing.

Yahoo to be sued over mega breach

Yahoo is being sued by a customer who is angry that the web giant did not do enough to protect his personal data

Yahoo mega-breach raises key questions, criticisms

One day after Yahoo disclosed one of the largest data breaches in history, Internet and data security experts continue to weigh in on the historic incident that compromised over 500 million user accounts. To that end, SC presents three key questions...

Yahoo! confirms 500 million users affected in data breach

Yahoo! has confirmed a major data breach of its systems, with the number of users affected standing at 500 million. It is currently suspected to be a state-sponsored attack, as it has similarities to other Russian attacks.

200 million Yahoo user credentials for sale on dark web

Yahoo and the company's users may be facing a data breach of epic proportions if a hacker who claims to be hawking 200 million Yahoo account credentials is proven true.

Yahoo scraps passwords

Yahoo has redesigned its mobile mail app and it doesn't need a password.

2 minutes on: Hackers spread malware via Yahoo ads

Hackers who previously exploited vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash have now used advertising on Yahoo's largest websites to distribute malware to billions, according to researchers at Malwarebytes.

Hackers spread malware via Yahoo ads

Hackers who previously exploited vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash have now used advertising on Yahoo's largest websites to distribute malware to billions.

Yahoo hit by malvertising, potentially exposing millions of web surfers

Malvertising on the Yahoo sites, discovered by Malwarebytes, has now been tackled, but the potential level of exposure was massive.

Google chairman sees future of 'unbreakable' encryption

Google chairman Eric Schmidt believes that unbreakable encryption will become reality in 'our lifetime'.

RAT uses Yahoo Mail to fool security teams

German security research firm G Data is warning of a newly discovered RAT called IcoScript that hides behind popular email services like Yahoo Mail, giving corporate security teams another attack 'vector' to worry about.