Zerocopter releases vulnerability detection tool

News by Roi Perez

Dutch security bods Zerocopter have released a vulnerability detection tool that allows anyone to test a server for the vulnerabilities Drown, Heartbleed, Ghost and Shell Shock.

Rogier Trimpe, head of product at Zerocopter, said, “We made the tool as part of a staff weekend away for a bit of fun, but it quickly turned out to be quite a serious project. We made it as we wanted people to be aware of the vulnerabilities as they have had such a big impact on the web.”

According to Trimpe, they have seen around 300 scans per day so far (with an upwards trend), and of those scanned so far, four percent are vulnerable to Drown and one percent are still vulnerable to Heartbleed.

The tool has had a warm reception so far, according to Trimpe, and he said that the company plans to add more vulnerabilities as they get discovered.

The tool can be found here


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