ZyLAB and iCritical launch new email archiving tools to boost sector

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The email archiving sector has been boosted with new technology.

The email archiving sector has been boosted with new technology.

ZyLAB has enhanced its email archiving and retrieval solution to support e-discoveries and legal challenges, while iCritical launched a high-performance and permanent email archive solution ‘vaultCritical'.

ZyLAB claimed that its email archiving bundle offers users the ability to manage vast amounts of email, which helps support litigation readiness, early case assessments, e-discoveries and overall enterprise information management. Its non-proprietary, flexible and open email archival and retrieval solution enables users to archive email in an open standard XML format, while the email itself is stored as a text, html, MSG or RTF file.

Johannes Scholtes, chief strategy officer for ZyLAB, said: “All our email archiving and management solutions help to manage key storage issues impacting email, reduce the size of email databases, and address today's requirements for litigation support and legal e-discovery, regulatory compliance and corporate governance.

“In this day and age where email volumes continue to outpace storage capabilities, retention policies are changing and legal teams are more frequently contacting the IT department to obtain support with e-discovery preparation. Open and scalable email archiving solutions are required.”

The vaultCritical from iCritical is delivered as an ‘in the cloud' solution and makes the process of tracking emails — regardless of whether they have been ‘deleted' by users — simple and cost-effective.

It claimed that vaultCritical offers three levels of administration: all users can access the system to retrieve messages that they have sent and received; privileged users are able to search all emails that have been archived; while data guardians have the ultimate responsibility for checking that searches are in accordance with the stated reason, corporate policy and regulatory requirements.

Chris Gee, director at iCritical, said: “VaultCritical offers organisations an invaluable means of tracking and retrieving email data in accordance with all appropriate compliance and regulatory requirements. It has been introduced as part of iCritical's email security portfolio following high demand from clients for a superior archiving tool.”


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